For the last month or so, you would have seen various PIN & PAY adverts, airing over the radio, newspapers or on the bank’s webpage, drawing Malaysians’ attention for the compulsory use of PIN-enabled credit/debit card from 1st July. This somehow rekindled my memory back to 2010, on my very first trip to Zhuhai, China. Curious to know?

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Our 3rd batch of Management Trainees successfully completed their year-long training at the end of March 2017. Out of 19 trainees who came from diverse backgrounds, 16 were offered a position with CMS.

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What is Ransomware?

The name “Ransomware” comes from the combination of two words Ransom and Malware. It is a malware that holds your PC or files for “ransom” either by locking your PC (called Lockers) or encrypting your files in your PC (called Encryptors).

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As I look back and reminisce during my 1-year experience as a Management Trainee, I am overwhelmed – I don’t know where to begin!

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LEMONS – Their tanginess, bright yellow shine, the zesty feeling – all these spell F.R.E.S.H! But did you know that it brings much more than just freshness? Recently, lemons came into the limelight of immunity boosters. But how so? Here’s why.

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