Blasting Practical Exam at Sibanyis Quarry

In CMS Quarries, blasting is critical and requires utmost importance and precision. What is ‘blasting’?

Blasting activity is the most importance process in our quarry operation. The activity includes all development and production blasting at the quarrying area. Good blasting fragmentation can improve the quarry plant’s productivity while on the other hand, with good blasting practice, the quarry operation can reduce noise and vibration disturbance to the surrounding property and residential areas.

It is the duty of a ‘shotfirer’ (competent personnel) to ensure that the blasting activity is carried out in a safe and professional manner. Construction Materials & Trading Division’s quarries operation has 9 shotfirers (6 in-house from CMS Quarries and 3 outsourced contractors) which are certified by Polis Di Raja Malaysia and Department Jabatan Mineral dan Geosains Sarawak (JMG).

On 24 and 25 October 2017, both Polis and JMG organised a blasting practical exam at Sibanyis quarry with a total of 6 attendees – 1 from CMS Quarries, 1 from CMS Cement Industries, 2 contractors and 2 from Sabah.

The exam includes an oral interview and a site blasting practical, with the objective to ensure that all participants have the full knowledge of how to manage and handle explosives from the very start of the process – withdrawal of explosives at the magazine until the completion of the blasting activity.

The exam evaluation is technical-oriented and physically-challenging with trick questions and comprehensive site blasting scenarios to better prepare the certified shotfirer in any given situation during the day to day blasting operation.

All participants completed the tough exam and are now ready to become shotfirers in their respective quarry operations.

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