CMS Goes Digital!

Greetings from Group Technology Services!

CMS Group of Companies currently uses multiple non-integrated and disparate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems for their business operations within an ageing infrastructure and network environment. These have led to both inefficiencies and limited visibility of information within the Group as well as resultant stresses both internally and externally. Accumulation of these stresses and the snowballing effect have led to challenges of today that will compound and exacerbate in the future unless they are addressed for the long-term sustainability of the organisation.

Earlier this year, the Board of Directors (Board) approved the Group’s Digital Transformation (DT) initiative and is expected to gain momentum with the official kick off on 1 July 2019. With the commitment and support of the Board, Senior Management, employees and all stakeholders, this exciting journey will renew and transform the organisation.

As the DT is a huge undertaking that will span a few years, a phased deployment will be implemented. The first rollout of CMS Digital Transformation will be to

  • Deploy G-Suite (or Google Suite) which is an integrated suite of secure and cloud-native collaboration and productivity apps by Google such as Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Forms, just to name a few.
  • Migrate servers to Cloud, provide overall data security and improve network environment.
  • Implement the ERP solution for core functions of the Group (Finance, Procurement and Human Resources) starting with HQ.

The ERP implementation throughout the divisions – Cement, Construction Materials & Trading, Construction & Road Maintenance and Property Development – has been planned for the next rollout of the DT.

The end goal of the of the DT is to implement a singular, unified, high availability, automated platform with the following objectives:

  • Automated Group-wide financial consolidation
  • Group-wide integration of Finance, Procurement, HR and all Business Units and their processes into a unified core system
  • Improved work-force efficiencies and minimisation of manual data entry and physical paper with digital review and approvals
  • Employee Self-service
  • Future integration of CMS’ physical assets and equipment for Industry 4.0 Initiatives (IoT)
  • Improved data integrity, security and resiliency
  • Reduced CAPEX and move towards OPEX based IT services
  • Improved IT agility and adaptability for future requirements and services
  • Management Business Intelligence Dashboard and data analytics

With everyone’s support and teamwork, DT will be a success. Hence, as part of the project and change management initiatives, a half-day workshop called the A-Team Discovery Workshop was conducted on 18 June 2019 which was attended by key process owners and users.

During the workshop, a user profiling based on the DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, Compliance) Personality Profile utilising the Avengers characters was initiated. The aim of the workshop was to gauge the overall profile mix and how their different personalities impact those working in a team. This will help the DT Team to navigate the Change Management exercise, better understand the overall team dynamics and how best to harness each team member’s unique strengths and qualities to ensure cohesion in teamwork and ultimately, to deliver the results and achieve the goals set.

The participants demonstrated their ability to work well in teams and kudos to everyone who came up with brilliant ideas on how to renew and transform the organisation!

Team Black Widow IMG_8497 IMG_3859 Workshop in Progress Team Iron Man Team Hulk Team Captain America

Group Technology Services will be providing further updates of the DT in future blog entries. Meanwhile, feel free to come down to our department at Level 5, should you have any enquiries or require any information on the DT. We are more than happy to share with you this exciting journey!

Be where the world is going!

Digitally Yours,
Group Technology Services