Getting to know CMS Quarries

Greetings from CMS Quarries Sdn Bhd! If you have been wondering what we have been up to lately, let us update you.

Firstly, some background information to introduce CMS Quarries:

We are actually one of Sarawak’s largest stone aggregate suppliers, having 5 quarries under our belt, supplying microtonalite, granite and limestone aggregates. Besides mining and selling stones, we also provide transportation and simple contract services (laying and compaction of stones). In short, we are a busy company!

We have also expanded our operations at Sibanyis Quarry, located at 15th Mile. Previously, we only had one 750MTH (metric tonne per hour) plant running there. However, work on a new production line begun in late 2017 and we are proud to update that our 2nd Production Line is now up and running. This plant is expected to boost CMS Quarries’ production capabilities by 1.3 milllion metric tonnes annually and enables us to take better advantage of the 100-years’ worth of stone reserve at Sibanyis Quarry.

Another update is that we recently acquired another company – Borneo Granite Sdn Bhd, on 28 February 2019. After a somewhat lengthy and arduous acquisition period, we now own 56% of this company which operates a granite quarry in Sebuyau. The decision to acquire this company was a strategic one, as granite is a very limited natural resource in Sarawak and the quarry’s location puts us in a good position to fulfill the demand from Pan Borneo Highway, Coastal Road Network and 2nd Trunk Road projects (the latter two projects are expected to improve accessibility for Sarawak’s coastal areas and shorten the travelling distance between Kuching and Sibu respectively).

So far, the outlook for the future looks pretty good for us. But we must remember not to become complacent and continuously improve our efforts. We leave you with a quote from Malala Yousafzai:

“Let us make our future now, and let us make our dreams tomorrow’s reality.