HEALTHY SERIES II : Simple exercises you can do right in the Office

Onto our next Healthy Series – If you have no time to participate in any of the physical activity mentioned in our previous article, GREAT NEWS, we have got just the right simple exercises that you can do from your desk.

  1. The Great Thinker

Put your elbows on the top of your desk, prop your chin up on your thumbs, and push them down as hard as you can. Count to 20, rest for a couple of seconds, and then repeat 4 more times.

  1. Prepare to Fight

Clench and un-clench your fists forcefully, then make several circular movements with your wrists, and finally, shake your hands to loosen them.

 Knees to Stomach

Sit in a chair and start pulling your legs up to your stomach. Repeat 20 times.

  1. Waist of a Bee

Hold on to the desk and swing your body to the left and right while still seated on the chair for 20 times, trying to hold your back straight as possible. You can repeat this anytime during the working day.

  1. Up, Down, and Around

Firstly, raise one of your feet, then the other, pulling the forefoot towards yourself and then abruptly stretching it. Repeat 20 times for each foot.

Besides the above exercises, the following is an easy workout video and an article that you can check out to get more workout ideas.

Video: Easy 10-Minute Workout You Can Do at Your Desk

Article: Workout at work

To encourage regular workout within the Departments, consider scheduling a DAILY 10-minute exercise break with your team so that everyone can get away from their everyday task to rejuvenate and come back strong.