Figurative Sculpture (Artist reference: Mark Jenkins)

The International Secondary Year 9 Art students have completed their group project on ‘Figurative Sculpture’ to celebrate their efforts and successes.

Using the works of artist Mark Jenkins as references, students began making life-size sculptures of themselves using clear packing tape as a casting material. The whole project started with observational drawing of the gesture and eventually ended up with a life-size tape sculpture of their choice. The students worked on building their person section by section. They learned many skills (human proportion, balance, weight, 3D form, problem solving and etc). This is also one of those projects that could cover all of the Tunku Putra School Personal Values (Morality, Resilience, Adaptability, Respect, Thoughtfulness, Communication, Enquiry and Cooperation) according to the survey carried out with the students.


Morality – Lending their help and tapes to other groups when needed.

Resilience – To keep on working until the whole sculpture is done properly.

Adaptability – Able to change certain aspect of their works along the way and solve the problems that arises.


Respect – Able to respectfully ask the model to adjust his/her posture to tape the involved areas.

Thoughtfulness – Able to iron out any conflicting ideas and ways to get the work done; giving ideas as well as accepting others thoughts.

Communication – Interaction between model and the wrappers and vice versa.

Enquiry – Ask meaningful and purposeful questions in discussion and also enquiring about the model’s feeling e.g. Is the taping too tight?

Cooperation – To work together in harmony to get things done following the timeline and deadline.

The photographs enable you to share a little of the work and celebrate their efforts and successes in the photographs of the final display.