Grab List

If you had less than 5 minutes to evacuate your office, what would you take with you?

This is where you should consider having a Grab List before an emergency or crisis actually takes place. Below are some frequently asked questions and answers regarding a Grab List:

1. What is it?

A Grab List is a list of critical items that you should grab during an emergency evacuation. The main purpose of it is to facilitate quick retrieval of pre-identified critical items or vital records from your workstation/cabinet during emergency evacuation.

2. Who needs it?

Everyone is recommended to prepare a list of items, which must be light for hand-carry, for the purpose of recovering and resuming business activities at the alternate site.

3. What sort of things should be in the Grab List?

The Grab List should consists of items that are critical (related to your business needs) and are unable to be recovered from other sources. Examples like external hard-disks, laptops, banking tokens, vital personal belongings i.e. identity card etc. The retrieval of the item must not endanger your own life during an evacuation.

4. When to use it?

Hopefully NEVER. But as a good practice, we should always prepared ourselves for any unexpected events.

5. Where should I keep it?

The Grab List should also be placed somewhere visible so that your other work-mates could grab the items for you in case you are not in the vicinity during the emergency evacuation.

You can find the copy of the Grab List here.

Group Risk Unit will be happy to assist if you have any further queries on Grab List.