Stories in Motion

On Saturday, 28th October, 11 girls aged between 10 to 16 took part in a showcase of dances, entitled Stories in Motion. The showcase was part of the What About Kuching festival, that happened throughout October, in various guises. The performance evening was held at The Old Courthouse, Kuching, to a packed house filled with an enthusiastic audience.

The Tunku Putra Dance Club dancers were dedicated in performing their best that regular dance sessions were conducted for four months, with the help of Angela Williams, the recently joined Head of Creative and Performing Arts, who was also the choreographer for the performance. “Dance is an excellent way for children and adults to express themselves, physically, creatively and emotionally” she explains. “Both performers and audience are able to make experiential connections with dance, and it is rapidly becoming a widely appreciated art form across the world.”

Off the back of a visit from the KL Shakespeare Players, who performed their own version of Macbeth in May, a dance with the theme about the tragic storyline of Lady Macbeth was decided. The storyline revolved around Joann Tiong, a Year 11 student who danced as Lady Macbeth, who  struggled with the guilt of helping to kill King Duncan. In the dance, she battles with her inner demons and eventually commits suicide. Aided by some scary looking makeup and contrasting costume, their performance was a huge success. Cathy Sinclair, one of the school’s IGCSE English teachers, who attended the performance evening, said “what a wonderful evening and our dancers performed with such energy and purpose. I’m so proud of them”. Stuart Fallows, Head of International Primary said “it’s so nice to see our students representing themselves and the school at such a fantastic event. They really have done extremely well.”

The Tunku Putra dancers performed alongside some other local groups, such as Danceversity and Soul Higher, and individuals who performed professionally, such as Derek Kho. This was such a valuable experience for our students as it raised their personal expectations and built their performance craft, team working skills and self-confidence.

The dance club, open to all students from Year 5 upwards, will begin again in January, when the new year begins, building upon the success of this first performance. The School would like to extend its congratulations and well-wishes to all and give their thanks to the organisers of the event, who made this opportunity available to our students.

Stories in Motion 2017 Group photo zombie picture