Hello CMS! It has fallen to me to write this month’s blog post. I’ve been advised that I can write about absolutely anything, so where should I start? Since I’m the rookie here and it will take some time for me to get around to knowing everybody and to have any real tangible impact, I figured why not talk just a little about my time here in Sarawak and what brings me into the company of all the fine ladies and gents of CMS.

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OurCMS family

The hard work has finally paid off and members of the Samalaju Team rejoiced when we received the Occupation Permit (OP) from BDA on 11 September 2017. The team has been working hard for years to realize the dream of entire workfolks in Samalaju Industrial Park (SIP) – to have its own township within 10 minutes’ drive away from their workplace.

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OurCMS family

The AGM happened with a typical level of turnout. Very few questions as the combination of the presentation I gave along with reading out the replies to the queries raised by EPF and MSWG apparently addressed all the main concerns. It is always a pleasure to meet our individual shareholders at these events which now even include quite a lot of our own staff, including myself!

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