“Prepare an umbrella before the rain” is a proverb used to perfectly describe the importance of having a well-documented crisis management plan to an organisation.

Have you ever thought about how would your organisation continue to function one day if, for instance, your office is burnt down “touch wood” or one of organisation’s very key employee struck a jackpot and resigned within 24 hours, how would the business continue to operate?

A crisis can strike any organisation at any time, therefore advance planning is crucial to ensure the survival of an organisation.

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If you had less than 5 minutes to evacuate your office, what would you take with you?

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When unplanned events arise, there are severe repercussions for the projects you are accountable for yet no one has given thought about the idea of Risk Management. Many have a misconception of Risk Management and how it is widely viewed by the management as an additional process in checking the box.

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