Hopped on the blogging bandwagon yet? This is my very first blog entry so I am trying to wrap my head around an appropriate format and tempo to adopt by reading what seasoned bloggers do. Learning from others never cease to bring a wealth of insights that’s for sure!

As Head of Human Resources, I am constantly faced with a myriad of people related challenges stemming from personality conflicts, indiscipline, lack of or worse still, zero integrity, below par performance and of late, depression, which had crept silently into the work place unnoticed.

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Hello CMS! It has fallen to me to write this month’s blog post. I’ve been advised that I can write about absolutely anything, so where should I start? Since I’m the rookie here and it will take some time for me to get around to knowing everybody and to have any real tangible impact, I figured why not talk just a little about my time here in Sarawak and what brings me into the company of all the fine ladies and gents of CMS.

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OurCMS family