Corporate Governance is a process and structure implemented by companies and businesses to achieve business prosperity and sustainability while ensuring corporate accountability, with the ultimate objective of realising long-term shareholder value, taking into account the interests of all stakeholders. In order to realise a comprehensive and rigorous anti-corruption corporate culture, there is an urgent need for Malaysian companies and businesses to put in place preventive measures that reinforce ethical leadership, good governance, transparency, accountability and respect for the rule of law in their operational procedures.

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In view of the recent national spotlight on corruption, Group Internal Audit decided to take on fraud as the key topic for our annual workshop this year.

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As businesses continue to evolve today, there is more emphasis being placed on ethics in the business communities. Hence, this year, Group Internal Audit took on the topic ‘Business Ethics’ for their workshop instead of the usual bread and butter topics like fraud, internal control and governance issues.

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