Tunku Putra Health, Fitness and Wellbeing Week

During the week, you may have started your morning with a sweaty Zumba workout, learnt about the dangers of processed food, found out a range of great applications to help your child enjoy learning, made healthy versions of child-friendly pizza and cookies, attended stress-busting finger painting, or got active at crab football.

The week started with Tunku Putra School (TPS) students from the International Primary (IP), National Primary (NP), National Seconday (NS), parents and employees all dancing together for Zumba!

Zumba Zumba and more Zumba!
Zumba 3
We had three sessions throughout the week and really enjoyed it!

Zumba 2IP6 combined their knowledge of Science with the week’s theme and learnt to make healthy Apple Muffins.

Apple Muffins 2 Apple MuffinsThis was a big day for the IP, NP, and NS students as they munched on fruit and vegetable snacks throughout the day. The students seemed calmer and happier during the day and playtimes were more enjoyable.

Fruit Day 3

Fruit Day 2

Fruit Day
Yummy fruity snacks!

Some of the parents ran a Healthy Lunchboxes Workshop for interested parents and students, where during the workshop, they tasted lots of yummy treats and found out how healthy and easy it was to prepare them.

Healthy Lunchbox 3 Healthy Lunchbox Healthy Lunchbox 2Students completed some fantastic learning tasks throughout the week by linking their knowledge of English, Maths and Science.

Learning Learning 4 Learning 3 Learning 2Our parent-learning workshops went really well. Thank you parents, we hope you enjoyed being back at school and found Ms Jasmane and Ms Kim to be great teachers!

Parent WorkshopsIn whatever role you played in this event, we want to say: Thank you for making our 1st themed-week at TPS so special!