Wall Mural Project by MTDP 3.0

The MTDP 3.0 trainees were tasked to produce a Wall Mural for the new pantry at Level 2 of CMS HQ Office. So what did they come up with?

The unique project tested the extent of the trainees’ creativity,  precision, dexterity, focus and teamwork. Stepping up to the challenge, the trainees set out to work secretly and quietly in between their trainingship to produce a masterpiece that redefined the meaning of art. Using basic materials such as plastic spoons, forks, food containers and multi paints, the creation took shape of the iconic Dewan Undangan Negeri, a landscape of green foliage and Rhinoceros Hornbills – birds of Sarawak were depicted flying across the infamous Sarawak River.

This feat goes to show that the combination of grit, resilience, collaboration, passion and inspiration is a proven recipe for uncharted success and newfound experience, which will add to the many skill-sets that is needed to further them up the corporate ladder.

Wall Mural Artwork Wall Mural Artwork